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GVO/PureLeverage Team Builder And Traffic CO-OP
A Income Building Solution That Absolutely Works!!

We Have One Goal Here, And That Is To Help You Make More Money Online, Faster Then You Ever Have, Regardless Of Your Experience!

You Have In Your Hands One Of The Biggest And Best Opportunities Of Your Life!!

1. Super Simple
2. No Experience Needed
3. Done For You Paid Traffic Co-Op
4. Struggle No More

I Am Going To Use My Experience And Vast Traffic Networks To Help You Build Two Of The Best, Highest Paying Programs Online.

"You Will Want To Read Every Word On This Page, This Will Be The Largest Money Making Team Build Ever Online"

First off I would like to introduce my self. My name is Richard Weberg, I am married and have three children, I am also a proud Grandpa. I came online with the same hope and dreams as most of you have, to get out of debt and stop the financial pain. It was a struggle, and I had many ups and downs. This is one of the reasons, I have launched this TEAM Build, I want to help others become financially free, to end their own pain, and make money no longer matter, because you have plenty of it. I have met many wonderful people over the years and many of them have added to my own success, and now its my turn to give back some more. I have been marketing online now for over ten years. I am going to use my experience and my own personal traffic networks to help you build your income online. We will build your income in two main programs, Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) and in a company owned by GVO, Pureleverage.

Why GVO And PureLeverage??

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) owns and operates its complete infrastructure. There is absolutely no middle man when it comes to GVO! Their hosting and marketing systems are developed and implemented from servers in their state-of-the-art Data center located in San Antonio, Texas. This is extremely important for future growth and what they can offer.

I have been with GVO for years now and with PureLeverage since it launched about two years ago, no other programs online can compare to what they offer as far as products, tools and support. The owner Joel Therien is extremely active, Joel has vision for the future and where the company is heading, these two programs will be around for years to come. Their compensation plans are unmatched and throw everything else under the bus(You do not need thousands or even hundreds of members to make big money with GVO and Pureleverage)!! I do not take choosing the programs I promote to others lightly, its important to me that people get the very best.

There are some programs and other team builds online where you literally need thousands of people to make a few thousand dollars a month, the average person coming online to make money can not accomplish this, not even with a TEAM BUILD! GVO and PureLeverage were chosen very carefully, as well for this reason.

How Will We Build Your Income In GVO And PureLeverage?

Besides using my own traffic, we will also be using a massive paid traffic co-op to drive a insane amount of traffic to the TEAM rotator, which will randomly rotate each TEAM members affiliate id, they will then join GVO and PureLeverage from the members area, under the affiliate id they landed on. My biggest strength online is converting traffic into paid customers and referrals, through our TEAM build, it eliminates your need to do so.

Where Will The traffic Come From?

1. My own personal list
2. Our Membership Site YourEightSteps
3. Safelist and list builders
4. Paid solo ads
5.Traffic exchanges
6. Text Ad Exchanges
7. Banner Exchanges
8. Facebook
9. Forums
10. Blogs
11. Paid To Click Networks

Every penny that comes into the traffic co-op will be used to buy traffic, just look at the traffic stats on the globe above, come back in an hour to this page, you will see how hard we work for our Team members.

What Is Total Investment To Be Involved In This Team Builder?

1. To join the TEAM is free, however to participate and have your link rotated you make a one-time purchase in the traffic co-op for $25.00. Every penny will be used to buy traffic, I will use my experience to buy real traffic, traffic from sources I trust and buy from myself. I will make my money the same way as you, from being a team member in the rotator, not from selling traffic in the co-op!!

2. You will be joining GVO for $9.97 monthly.

3. PureLeverage is $24.95 monthly and a reseller fee of $19.97 monthly.

Both programs have other optional product purchases, the requirements to be part of the TEAM are the ones listed above.

So Your Total Required Monthly Investment To Be Part Of The Team Builder Is.

$54.89/Monthly And A $25 One-Time Traffic Share Purchase.

We tell you everything upfront, because we want you to succeed, no gimmicks, no lies, no hype. You can not make real money online for free, many people think they can, and its why 90% of all internet marketers fail. A False belief that money comes from nothing!

What Do You Get For Your Investments Above?

1. Hands free traffic from multiple sources, that I personally generate through my own marketing for us.(This is priceless)
2. Done for you paid traffic co-op
3. Web hosting
4. Done for you professional blog
5. Done for you autoresponder complete with emails
6. Video Email Service
7. Easy Video Producer
8. Done for you capture pages
9. Live online meeting rooms
10. Full Training And Support

The Best Compensation Plans Online!

PureLeverage paid out over a million dollars in commissions in their first 18 days alone, because of the way their compensation plan works.

There you have it, an amazing opportunity, where anyone regardless of experience can finally start making real money online. This is not a hope to make money system, its a we will make money system. You do not even need to know how to advertise, because we do it for you. Do not mistake this for other TEAM Build systems out there, we are building something huge, you will begin to see this TEAM builder everywhere whether you join or not. It is my personal goal to produce over $100,000 worth of income for our TEAM members in the next 30 days, and to make this one of the most elite income builders online! My goal is to put YOUR name in lights, I have been on GVO'S and PureLeverage leader boards, and now it is your turn!

We will build together as a TEAM, together we all can achieve more.

"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I
defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team,
not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

Only when YOUR NAME is in lights will we win!

We are a 100% committed to your success.."

Before you sign up, remember you can use this site as a free member, but if you do, you will not benefit from our advertising, or the traffic co-op.. This is a income Building TEAM, not a free get together club.

Create your id, its your username or log in id, that you want it to be, make sure its one word with no spaces, or symbols. Example: freebird69, it can be letters and numbers.

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If your email address is not accepted, it is because that email provider does not deliver our emails. In this case, please use a Gmail address. Gmail is free, and very good for internet marketers. It also allows you to keep your business email separate from your personal email.

Richard Weberg

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